The (Second) Best Job in the World

A Hollywood Burlesque Birthday!

It has been one year that BDA (Bastien De Almedia) has been sharing with us his findings from across the pond, choosing each piece separately and never buying in bulk. But why travel all that way for these little marvels? According to this impeccably vintage dandy, when it comes to vintage clothing, the West Coast of the US is much better stocked, more crazy and more daring.

Bastien is passionate about the 40s and 50s and is really inspired by Marylin Monroe, Joan Crawford and all the glamour of Hollywood which can be seen in these fashion and beauty icons.

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The End of One Adventure and the Start of a New One

30864km travelled by plane, 260km walked on the streets of 7 cities around the world, 26 days and 40kg of luggage later, I am back in Paris.

I got lost on transport, could not understand Chinese symbols, almost missed my flights twice, could not exchange even a few words with the Japanese, so thank you God that the international language of a simple gesture, a knowing smile or a certain look can help you get by.

This international marathon run proved itself to be intense, funny and an eye opening experience.

In this adventure, I have rediscovered Milan, thanks to my Italian guide, Monica, a great designer of jewellery which could inspire poetry.

I found myself in a sunny London with its neighbourhoods that I love, its musicals such as the amazing Billy Elliot and the great moments spent with my adopted London friend.
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My Fave – Les 400 coups – 200m2 for Parents, Children and Big Kids!

On the « rue de la Villette » in the 19th arrondissement, there is a real neighbourhood feeling. And all you need to do is follow your nose to this amazing restaurant. It is one of a kind as it is the first Parisian restaurant which welcomes both parents and children, making everyone feel at home.

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My Fave – Florence in Wonderland

For several years I have been asked the same questions when I get my purse out: “Where is you buy that?”, “Who is it by?” and then “It’s gorgeous!”, “I loooooove it!”, “Oh it’s so cute!” Friends, old colleagues, shop assistants, family, randoms, everyone is fascinated!

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My Fave – Sugamo, relaxing and traditional!

Mmmmmh….That is how I would sum up the Sugamo area. I wanted to come here to find a little shop that I had heard about which sells parasols, but I never managed to find it because it is down a little side street, and very unhelpfully, here, only the main streets have road signs and the rest you have to guess…! This time I didn’t have the intuition, but I didn’t completely waste the morning as I walked the streets of Sugamo discovering the quiet neighbourhood. I even had a little bite to eat, tasting little dry sesame biscuits, aperitifs (the ones that you can buy in the supermarket in France and here you can get them everywhere!) green tea and other snacks that I carried away, yes I was hungry! And yes I really am a stomach on legs…

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My fave – In the Prenzlauer Berg Area

I have already visited this area the first time I laid foot in Berlin, but I could never remember its name! It is only when I looked around all the different shops and bars that I remembered that this was where, some years ago, I spent all my money at the weekends, and also where I fell on my American friend at 4 o’clock in the morning, do you remember? Yeah, it’s you I am talking to Mr.
Anyway, I expanded my shopping horizons and discovered some incredible shops, so here are some of the best places:

Born in Berlin
Two Berlin designers create a limited edition collection for men women and even for children. In 2005, they opened their own boutique in Turin. Some very beautiful pieces at relatively affordable prices e.g. €80 for a beautiful dress.
Address: Pappelallee Str. 9, 10437 BERLIN

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My fave – One of my favourites from Berlin: “Les Jolies Choses”

I love getting lost in the streets around Mitte, it means you get to discover little treasures like this one! Claire (French, but  German at heart) is the designer of all the beautiful pieces hanging on the wall of this little shop, she even makes the handbags herself in her workshop. The concept is to create unique pieces with beautiful leathers and fabrics (that she sources from France), hand sewn, original in style but catering for everyone’s tastes: classical, inspired by the 20s or 70s, Japanese trends… etc

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My fave – Prêt à PorTea

4 o’clock, and time to try THE famous “afternoon tea” at the splendid Berkeley Hotel. A word to all those fashionistas out there, you don’ have to have a “I work at Vogue” card or a special Anna Wintour style bob to see the latest fashion, as they can all be seen here! Who would have though you would be able to glimpse this seasons Louis Vuitton , Emmanuel Ungaro, Matthew Williamson Read more

My fave – Anaconda – A Jewellery Shop with a story to tell.

Monica Rossi, the designer of this fabulous jewellery where each piece more beautiful than the next, this year celebrates 30 passionate years of work on jewellery and accessories in her own special antique style. Taking inspiration from classic jewellery of the 17th and 18th centuries she creates unique pieces using refined goldsmith techniques, ironwork patterns and special engravings.

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